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Scholarship Calculator

Welcome to the LSU of Alexandria Scholarship Eligibility Calculator. This Scholarship Eligibility Calculator can determine the amount of scholarship money that you are eligible to receive. The final scholarship award will be based upon your official academic credentials (SAT and GPA) and is contingent upon your application and acceptance.

Please fill in the required fields (*) and select your self-reported GPA and SAT.

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Test Score Information

Please enter either your composite ACT score or the total of your three-part SAT score. If you enter both an ACT and an SAT score, your scholarship will be calculated using your SAT score.


  • (If you have only taken the PSAT at this point, you may enter the total of your 3-part PSAT score and add a 0 to the end to estimate your SAT score. For example, if your PSAT score is 150, you would enter 1500 as your estimated SAT score.)